Success Stories

Learn how World Education transforms the lives of students and teachers around the globe with access to quality education.

Early-Grade Reading in Cambodia

World Education is improving literacy rates for children in grades 1-3 in 170 schools throughout Cambodia.

TRAC+ Early-Grade Reading Students in Cambodia

The TRAC+ project uses games, families, and even a mobile app to help young children learn to read.

World Education’s Total Reading Approach for Children Plus (TRAC+) project, funded by World Vision, builds on the success of the innovative Total Reading Approach for Children pilot project (2012- 2014) to improve literacy rates among grade school children.

World Education collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to create the first early-grade reading benchmark system in Cambodia. TRAC+ integrates these benchmarks with interval assessments and interventions to ensure that students receive support for literacy development, including:

  • Reading toolkits of games and resources that encourage families to practice reading at home.
  • Literacy coaches who support early-grade reading instruction and collaborate with schools and families to ensure that students receive individual attention and practice reading both in and out of school.
  • The mLearning app, a collection of interactive learning games accessible in participating school libraries, that students play by themselves or with peer tutors. The mLearning app is the first Khmer-language education app for primary grades. TRAC Cambodia Early-Grade Reading Infographic #Pages4Progress

Learn more about TRAC+ and our integrated approach to early-grade reading.

Sridawati’s Story: Learning How to Teach

Sridawati's Success Story, World Education ConnectEd Indonesia #pages4progress

Sri dreamed of becoming an effective teacher.

Growing up in Padang, Indonesia, Sridawati loved reading. She dreamed of becoming a teacher and inspiring other young students. After completing college, Sri began teaching math at Master, an education program for disadvantaged students in Jakarta.  Her lack of formal training as a teacher made Sri unsure of herself and she had difficulty keeping her classroom in order.  Sri was not alone.  In 2012, World Education’s ConnectEd program began a partnership with Master to train Sri and other teachers to enhance the curriculum for their students.

Through ConnectEd, Sri learned curriculum planning, class management skills, and computer literacy training. The technology training Sri received through ConnectEd has been invaluable to her students, as many of them do not have access to computers outside the classroom. Sri also learned critical life skills lessons that she has incorporated into her curriculum, helping students prepare to transition into the workforce after completing school.

 ConnectEd has given me the skills, knowledge, and technological tools that I can use in my teaching  activities in class. 

Sridawati and fellow teachers, World Education ConnectEd Indonesia #pages4progress

Sri and her fellow teachers participating in a training program through ConnectEd.

Sri also learned about child development and psychology, lessons that have helped her better understand and relate to her students. Many of her students come from troubled backgrounds and often act out in school. The training Sri received has helped her build relationships with her students, motivating them to pursue their academic and career goals.

Now I am better prepared. I think more positively in seeing and dealing with all the students. 

With the skills Sri has learned through ConnectEd, she hopes to someday open her own school for disadvantaged children in her hometown.

Learn more about World Education’s ConnectEd project.